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Mergers & Acquisitions

The Manhattan Group brings to every buyer and seller the proven experience of specialists who have structured transactions for numerous clients, large and small alike. Capital transactions involving a change in ownership, particularly those involving insurance businesses, are exceedingly complex. Clients turn to The Manhattan Group for our balanced and comprehensive understanding of the insurance business and our expertise in consummating deals. For both buyers and sellers, we devote our full resources to direct involvement in each phase of the transaction including negotiation, due diligence, structuring, financing and closing. We have gained a trusted reputation in insurance mergers and acquisition for efficiency, success and client satisfaction.
Valuations & Fairness Opinions

The Manhattan Group offers a full spectrum of valuation services responding to the legal, tax, and financial challenges regularly faced by our clients. We approach each valuation with a balance of quantitative and qualitative analyses geared to the realities of the insurance industry marketplace. Our knowledge of the insurance industry and our direct participation in numerous insurance transactions provide a basis for a skilled valuation opinion and for highly credible expert testimony.
Business Planning

Integrated strategic and business planning programs are fundamental to building a healthy business. Well conceived business plans address major risks and identify key opportunities. To be effective, the process itself must involve key staff, be action oriented, and it must be in a form which facilitates easy, regular review of performance. The Manhattan Group assists clients in formulating and implementing an effective business plan. Because our consultants have worked as executive managers and planners within the industry, the planning process we introduce integrates practical features tailored to the client’s unique circumstances. As a result, our approach to strategic and business planning enables management to identify and effectively utilize its resources, minimize risk, and enhance profitable growth.
Litigation Support & Expert Testimony

The Manhattan Group’s team of insurance industry experts are available to support law firms in the conduct of a litigation. Carriers, brokers, agents, shareholders and managements can be faced with a bewildering array of litigation ranging from contract interpretation and shareholder disputes to allegations of negligence and fraud. Lawyers rely on The Manhattan Group for an enhanced understanding of the industry’s business practices, customs and regulatory environment. The alliance between legal counsel and The Manhattan Group invariably strengthens a client’s case. In addition to preparing and providing expert testimony, we undertake damage assessment, security valuation, and assist in preparing for precise discovery.
New Venture Consulting

The Manhattan Group provides investors and sponsors with objective third-party appraisal of the investment merits of new ventures in insurance. Launching a new venture is a complex process with two critical challenges: the timely determination of viability and the raising of capital. We are uniquely able to assist in both areas. Our financial feasibility studies offer an objective third-party analysis and assessment of new insurance ventures highlighting management, markets, competition, products, distribution, and distributable cash flow. Having determined the economic merits of a proposal, we work with our clients to develop an appropriate capital structure and present an offering memorandum to the private placement marketplace. Venture capitalists as well call on The Manhattan Group for investment opportunities and assistance in analyzing new insurance ventures.

The Manhattan Group provides sensitive and measured counsel to assist in the management of troubled situations. Workouts and turnarounds require priorities and actions greatly different from everyday management activity. Expert application of legal, financial and actuarial skills is required. As a result of our focus on the insurance industry, we are able to move quickly to identify operational weaknesses, propose solutions and, when appropriate, assist in implementing responsive action. Additionally, our independence enables us to support and implement an objective and dispassionate response, both internally as well as externally among regulators, reinsurers, policyholders and other creditors.
Industry Outreach

The Manhattan Group is committed to supporting a continuing exchange of ideas among those interested in the business of insurance. The Manhattan Group regularly participates in industry forums and writes for industry publications on subjects of concern and interest. Upon invitation we have provided seminars and focus groups for selected audiences on key issues involving insurance. We support insurance companies and agent associations interested in developing motivational and educational programs. In addition, members of our firm have assisted industry committees and work with lawmakers, regulators and lobbyists on legislative matters involving insurance as well as with state insurance commissioners and insurance departments in analyzing troubled situations and in the formulation of regulations and solutions to industry challenges.

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